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Through My Lens

Many people think in specific moments “Boy, this moment feels like a movie.” As someone trying to tell stories through film, I have these moments magnified tenfold.

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Change Your Story: An Interactive Adventure for College Students

The last few weeks of each semester are always super stressful for students. Between exams, final projects and term papers, any opportunity to blow off some steam is welcome. For many college students, Fridays don’t just mean a break from classes — they mean parties, complete with beer and liquor.

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How to Fail a Class

Getting straight A’s in college is important, but not nearly as important as what you could be doing instead of going to class, studying, and doing homework. College is full of useless things. Memorization skills? Who needs that? Reading and comprehension? Psh! General knowledge and information about daily life and the world? Boring!

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Apple Watch Is Coming To Our Classrooms

How can you see the Apple Watch integrated into your classroom?
How might the Apple Watch improve student success?

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Top 10 Ways to Clean up Your Social Media Profile for a Job Hunt

From college admissions boards to employers at major corporations, the concept of the social media background check has gained prevalence in the modern world of applicant screening.

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You’ve Got Student Loans. Now What?

The best thing that you can do right out of school is go and make an account at the company holding your loans. From there, you will be able to see the amount of money that is owed, the amount of interest on each loan, and even more specific things like how much interest is being accrued daily

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The Push for AP/IB Enrollment in Hopes of Minimizing the Race Gap

Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs are sometimes referred to as “honors” programs. They are designed to provide high school students with challenging, college-level coursework. In recent decades, these courses have become de facto prerequisites for entry into the most demanding college programs and elite universities.

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5 Reasons Why I Could Never Be An Accountant

Recently I had lunch with a friend, who happens to be an accountant. The meal was fantastic & the conversation enjoyable.

Then, the bill arrived.

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Sharpen Your Presentation Skills to Improve Your Career

To become a successful professional in your career, you are required to be competent rather than just being confident. For sharpening your presentation skills, you should consider the following points:

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The Internship – A Startup for College Students

An internship is like a startup for the college students and they are keen to learn and want to gain experience from the corporate firm.

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Parent of a Teen? Help Them to Get on Feet Earlier Than Later

Kids have to pick the career that they are interested in and their school major, not always in that order. Deciding upon a school major is a tough job on its own and requires time. In a similar fashion, deciding on a job trail is a technique that should start when the teenager is still in school and continue as that person moves into school. The explanation being that career selections are fluid and younger people are sure to discover new things about themselves, their dislikes and likes and talents as they go along though studies.

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The Power of a Visual Resume

A visual resume can’t entirely replace your customary resume! You’ll still require a very strong conventional resume for these situations. The visual resume simply gives you another means to use when the situation calls for something more innovative.

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Apple, the Innovator

There are a few things that make Humans and Technology similar. One of those things is the fact that they can be seen as a positive or negative thing. There are many aspects that go into technology just like there are many aspects to a human being. Those aspects go from its creator, to what it is intended for. Whether it is a new innovation or a reconstruction of an old idea. Just like humans though people try to locate the bad before they locate the good.

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Executive MBA Program Always Gives You a Return

Executive MBA Program Always Gives You a Return Whether You Change or Continue With Your Current Company

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College Students: Looking for work? LinkedIn not Facebook

Here are 5 good reasons for choosing LinkedIn over the largest social network on the web that Facebook is.

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