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SC 146 How to Talk About World Events in Class

Responding to terror in France

How we can help our students process significant world events.

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You (Yes YOU!) need to take a break from being a professor. Eliminate that worry about the first day of classes by preparing between now and the end of finals week.

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SC 144 Student Centered Teaching

Becoming the guide on the side.

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Modifications to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

A dorm room can look and feel uninviting and uncomfortable all year unless you take steps to make it feel cozy, comfortable, and friendly. Use the ideas below to make your dorm room an efficient place to study area and a comfortable place to relax.

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5 Tips to Professional Development in TESOL Career

Choosing a TESOL career can be one of the most rewarding experiences that you decide to do in your lifetime. What you have to remember is that a career is the biggest part of your life, we all work to earn money to put food on the table so long hours doing something that you have a passion and drive for, makes living a whole lot easier in the long-run.

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Parent’s Guide To Student’s First Move

Moving out of parent’s house for the first time can be intimidating. As...

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Plagiarism: A Weed Without An End

Currently, students simply look for a method by which they can scrape through the screening and turn in their works.

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Plagiarism: The Enemy of Student Success

Though educators take measures against plagiarism daily, students still tend to plagiarize. What they often don’t even realize is how plagiarism can ruin their reputation on campus.

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Improving Your Teens’ Grades Today: The power of priority | Generating Winners

Instruct. In Jack Welch’s self-titled book, Jack, he challenges business...

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Are you a lawnmower parent?

YOU’VE heard of helicopter parents, but have you heard of “lawnmower parents”?...

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SC 143 Teaching Styles: Teacher or Student Centered?

What works best: The sage on the stage or the guide on the side?

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Dorm Room Essentials for the “Neat Freak” Student

Although this is a short list, it has the essentials while keeping in mind that dorm rooms are intimate spaces. Each item adds space as it organizes, which is the main idea for any neat freak student. The best part is the small investment involved can last through an undergraduate stint at any college or university.

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