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Good Feedback on Student Work

A students comes into your office, during office hours. They explain that they are not doing well in your course and also reveal that they are having personal difficulties and explain what they are.

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More Efficient Grading

Student Caring Moment Situation: A student, who was doing well, toward the end of the term is failing your class.

Grading: A teaching strategy that moves away from direction and correction toward evaluation, coaching, and encouraging.

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How to do College in Four Years

We are pleased to announce that registration will be open soon for a new online course that has been created with special care for soon-to-be and current college students.

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Start Planning for a Successful Career in Real Estate

If you will be graduating college soon, you may be considering your career options, including the possibility of getting into real estate career. Even after the housing crisis several years ago, working in real estate continues to be a worthwhile career with many opportunities for success.

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What You Need to Know – The New SAT

CollegeBoard will be implementing a major overhaul to the SAT for the first time in eleven years. The new test has been redesigned to more accurately assess student preparedness for the demands of collegiate academics. What type of different content will be included? How will the new scoring system work? Check out the infographic below for an easy-to-read overview of the new SAT!

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Sponsorship: A Win-Win Opportunity

It’s mutually beneficial – the sponsors gain a valuable opportunity to market to students, and you enjoy low cost goods or services. Sponsors became a staple in the nearly 100 events I helped organize as a student, and I’m going to let you in on how easy it is to find them.

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Senior Summer: A Roller Coaster of Mixed Emotions — College Parent Central

Source: Senior Summer: A Roller Coaster of Mixed Emotions — College Parent...

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Professors to freshmen: Advice for starting a college career – Uganews – Mobile Adv

The academic season is back in swing as students at the University of Georgia...

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Advice for New Students From Those Who Know (Older Students) – The New York Times

New supplies, new clothes, new start. How will you manage your first year of...

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Dorms You’ll Never See on the Campus Tour

Colleges may be caught up in the amenities arms race, but most have a few...

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Open Letter to Native College Students | Amanda Tachine

As a new academic year approaches, I want to share some words from my heart....

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How to Send Your Kid Off to College and Survive –

How to Send Your Kid Off to College and Survive Source: How to Send Your Kid...

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Do You Have 1 Minute to Help a Student?

This is all you have to do:
1. Click on the link next to the picture to send them an encouraging tweet.

2. Share this blog post with your community of friends. (Let’s overwhelm them with thousands of tweets of encouragement!)

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