When a child leaves for a university, it will often be the first time they have had to live independently. After 18 or more years of looking after your child, it is natural you want to continue supporting them and help them to succeed at this crucial point in their lives. However, many parents are unsure how best to offer their children support while they are studying away from home.

Financial Support

Students often have to live on tight budgets. Supporting them financially within your own means will often be a big help. You could give them a lump sum as a gift before they go, a weekly allowance to help them along or a contribution towards a specific cost such as housing.


If, like many parents, you help your child move into their university accommodation, you might want to treat them to a shopping trip as well. Helping them to stock up on food and essentials will not only be good for them financially, but also give them good eating and shopping habits.

Christmas and Birthday Presents

When a child is away studying, it can be a big help to make Christmas and birthday presents more practical. Food, money, and gift vouchers for supermarkets are all good ideas.


Not all support is financial. Your child is probably living independently for the first time. You have been doing it for years. Advice on life and on whatever challenges your child is facing can be extremely helpful.


Student Caring

Your student will have to cook for themselves while studying. For many, this is the first time. Help them to make sure they have the necessary skills and can prepare food that doesn’t come out of a tin.

Household Skills

As with cooking, it is a good idea to help them brush up on some household and DIY skills they may not have needed while living at home. Unblocking a sink or even basic cleaning are good examples.


It may seem an odd skill to teach children these days, but it’s one that many new students lack. Sewing up burst seams and reattaching buttons can help them keep their clothes longer.

Emotional Support

Adjusting to university life can be hard, and so can getting used to being away from home. One of the most important ways to support your child is just to be there for them.

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Home Visits

If they are not very far away at university, it might be worth letting your children come home for a weekend sometimes. This will help them reduce food bills and feel closer to their family.

Saying No

Even unselfish children often need to adjust to the fact they are now independent. Help them by all means, but it is important to know when to be firm. Don’t bail them out of every problem or fund their social life.

Abi thoroughly enjoyed her time at university and now enjoys traveling around the country visiting places such as Richmond University, advising students and parents on various personal issues they may have.



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