I personally believe that education is a lifelong process, and there is no field where this is more evident than in nursing. Constant changes in technology, how healthcare is dispensed and new rules and regulations make it difficult for new and even experienced nurses to keep up with the times. But by furthering one’s education, nurses can always find a way to stay up to date with new practices. In this article, we’re going to explore five of the most compelling reasons everyone should consider furthering their nursing education.

It Will Allow You to Keep Your Nursing License

While some nurses might want to further their education solely to gain new knowledge, in some jurisdictions, additional courses are actually mandatory for nurses to keep their licenses. In some states, a minimum number of hours of continuing education have to be taken in order to stay in line with the state’s regulations. If you’re unsure of how many hours of continuing education is required in your state if any, here is a list of states that require nurses to undergo continuing education and their minimal requirements.

It’s Easy

With accredited online RN to MSN programs, practicing nurses can continue their education without leaving their current positions. Furthermore, more and more ADN to MSN online programs allow nurses with an associate degree to obtain their masters faster than it would through a traditional institution. Online nursing degrees are cheaper and offer flexible scheduling options, making it perfect for practicing nurses.

It Will Give You Better Opportunities

Many new fields in nursing are being introduced constantly and a growing demand in these specific fields is being formed as a consequence. A growing number of qualified nurses in fields such as forensic nursing, nurse research and holistic nursing opens a whole new set of possibilities to nurses that are willing to take the extra step and take specialization courses.

Better Leadership Qualities

By becoming a better nurse, you will automatically improve your leadership skills which will allow you to lead the members of your team better. Also, by being more savvy, you will become a prime source of information for patients and colleagues alike. This will allow you to stand out from your peers and will put you in a prime position for advancement.

It Keeps You Up to Date

In order for nurses to offer the best possible care, it is crucial for them to stay updated on the most current practices and keep furthering their knowledge. The face of nursing is constantly evolving, and continuing education is essential for nursing students to not fall behind. The facts and values you’ve integrated in your nursing course may have completely changed since you’ve completed your program, so it’s important to brush up on old knowledge and learn new concepts and techniques that will be beneficial in your practice.

As you can see, the benefits of furthering your education as a nurse are many. Not only is it easy, but it will allow you to stay up to date with recent changes, improve your chances for advancements and open all new opportunities to further your career.

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      5 Reasons why Nurses Should Consider Furthering their Education