”A Great Resource for Faculty” / Feb 18, 2012

We need to be having more conversations at our higher education institutions about how faculty can best serve students in their learning experience. This podcast starts that conversation in a very effective and practical way.

Too often, the job of caring for students is perceived to be a “student affairs role” or otherwise secondary to the academic rigor of the classroom. David and Daniel make the case for the value of both caring and academic rigor, and both together provide a tremendous value to not only students – but also faculty and higher education institutions. Each show provides a different lens and topic, along with practical tips for putting action behind intention.

I’ve found lots of value here that helped me become a more effective adjunct professor and I am confident that any faculty member would benefit from this show. If you truly care about student success in your classroom, Student Caring is for you.

Dave Stachowiak
Innovate Learning


Student Caring Podcast receives a 5 Star Review