Do you still remember those anxious days when you had to try all sorts of tricks for persuading your kid to develop the habit of going to school? Although there’s a fundamental difference between wheedling a toddler to attend school and moulding a youngster for college life, nevertheless both the exercises require conscious preparation well in advance.

If you belong to the group of parents who will be sending their kids off to college in upcoming days, then it’s time to do the counseling in an apt manner. Parents have an important role to play in ensuring that the transition from school to college life is as smooth as possible. It must not feel like stepping out of the frying pan and jumping into the fire-ball. Besides introducing your kids to the challenges of being on their own for the first time, it is equally important to prepare them for tackling the inevitable emotional breakdown in a methodical fashion.

So what are the vital considerations that parents have to contemplate before sending their young ‘uns to college? Let’s find out five most important tips to prepare your kids for the life inside a college compound.

1. If you can accommodate it in your busy schedule, then plan for a family vacation. Spend some leisurely time with your kid and make him/her feel special. Go for an evening walk on the nearby beach, take the whole family out for dinner or watch a movie together – basically indulge in any activity that can strengthen the family bond.

2. Make a conscious attempt at cultivating a sense of responsibility in your lad. It’s important to show that you trust him/her to take mature decisions in life. Mistakes do happen, but learning from the occasional mistake is what matters the most.

3. Developing self-confidence in a kid’s own abilities can prove to be vital for success in professional career and team-building activities. It immensely helps in getting rid of any inferiority complex and makes it easier for socializing with lecturers and other batch-mates.

4. Financial literacy is another crucial lesson ahead of college days. Teach your kids the importance of setting a realistic budget and managing the expenses accordingly. It’s the perfect opportunity for encouraging them to make smart financial decisions.

5. The most important, but often neglected, aspect of college life is proper graduation planning. As soon as your kid enters college for the first time, ensure that you chalk out a thorough graduation plan highlighting the short and long-term objectives. Also make them aware of the consequences of not sticking to the stated goals. It will make sure that the youngster remains on track to complete graduation within the stipulated time-frame.

To sum things up – proper guidance is crucial for your kid to successfully explore the unchartered territory of life inside a college campus. Following the above mentioned guidelines, you can effectively prepare your kids to leave the parental nest and soar higher on their own.


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5 Tips to Prepare Your Kid for College