Adjusting to a new life away from the home can result in an endless level of emotion, leaving you both nervous and excited at the same time. So, whether you are moving into a student dorm across the country or going to stay close to your home, planning properly can be helpful for you to save time and money with the move. So, here are some tips, which can help you to make the moving process in the next phase of your life smooth and quick.


Do a proper homework before moving: Even though the classes are yet to start, but still it is necessary to collect all the important details as early as possible. These details include:

  • The address of your dorm
  • Your move in date
  • Layout and dimensions of your dorm room
  • Location to park the vehicles or the rental trucks on the move in day
  • List of those items which are not permitted to carry in the dorm
  • List of the items, which are already added in the room
  • The contact info of the future roommate


Create a list and purchase the dorm essentials: Take your time and prepare a list including everything that you will need to be well equipped in the new place. You can start by finding out the dorm checklist online to build upon or subtract from. Make sure that you consider all the commonly forgotten items to add to the list and once you are done, then purchase the dorm essentials. These days, there are a number of websites from where you can make the necessary purchase.

Pack your things early: You can make the moving experience easier by packing things early and efficiently. Packing things properly can also help you to save the space while decreasing the costs associated with moving. Besides, you should include things like containers, moving boxes and other supplies in the moving plan so that you can use those in the dorm and therefore you can use the things when you move out of the dorm.


Rent a moving truck or van: Once you are sorted out with the packing process, the next thing is to rent a moving truck or van to move things safely to the dorm. Renting a moving vehicle is also helpful to minimize the cost associated with moving. These vehicles are available in different sizes, so you are free to choose the one as per your requirements to move all your belongings. You can even opt for splitting rental service in case you find someone, who is moving to the same dorm with you.


Manage the move: On the final move-in-day, don’t forget to carry all the necessary information along with the final list of items prepared by you. Carefully carry the items, which are commonly left behind. Get ready early and final check all the things or all the packing before the things are placed in the moving truck or van.


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5 Tips When Moving into Student Dorms

### April 9, 2017