About The Student Caring Project


Mission Statement:  The Student Caring Project seeks to educate students by understanding their strengths and challenges and by then helping them to make the most of their college educations. We seek to clarify expectations about the goals of higher education for both professors and students, and we provide practical tools for faculty, students, and students’ families that will increase student success.

The Student Caring Project advocates a new way of thinking about college.  In the current climate of high costs, course cutbacks, and increased pressures on students’ time, students often feel more like numbers going through diploma mills than like people being educated for full and productive lives.

Through podcasts, a blog, a newsletter, and an upcoming book, Project leaders Dr. Daniel de Roulet and Prof. David C. Pecoraro offer discussions, tips, and supporting materials.  Topics range from establishing welcoming environments, classroom strategies, identifying students’ strengths and challenges, and creating five-year student plans for college and what comes next.  Join the community!

After receiving a Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Irvine in 1992, I have been a college professor and administrator, and currently teach writing and literature.  I have led revisions to general education and first-year curricula, worked with developing educational assessment plans of student learning, and received undergraduate teaching awards. I have also coordinated a writing program for at-risk students. My experience is at four-year universities, a four-year college, and at community colleges.

My desire is to bring a sense of personal care into each class I teach, helping students to become adult thinkers and to be equipped for the world after college.  Nothing is quite like participating in a student’s discovery or rediscovery of education—this, and my continued learning in a community of students, motivates me to teach.  I also realize that we college professors are often woefully unprepared for the dynamics of the classroom.  My hope is to produce work that will encourages professors to take on as a life-long project the understanding of students and how to best teach them.

I have been a teaching college professor since 1980 and am passionate about all that I have learned about the profession of teaching, which I love. While I teach general education requirements in the arts, my department home has always been in the theatre. I teach courses in the area of design, management and production: Stage Management, Lighting Design, Introduction to Theatre, and others. I have taught at the undergraduate level at a community college and a private university and at the graduate level where I taught stage management for a large university.

I am passionate about interacting with my colleagues, globally, about the profession of teaching. Within that, of course, “Student Caring.” I have been teaching long enough to have observed how, when integrated with excellent instruction, can make all the difference in the world for the student. Within that scope, I am especially passionate about course design, in-class instruction, and the transition from college to career.

You are invited to comment, ask questions, and challenge us—all of this with the goal of solving the problems which plague much higher education today.


Prof. David C. Pecoraro and Dr. Daniel de Roulet

Prof. David C. Pecoraro and Dr. Daniel de Roulet