In podcast episode No. 5, the co-hosts, Dr. Daniel de Roulet and Prof. David C. Pecoraro,  talk about “Knowing who your students are today: Academic Preparedness”

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Podcast No. 5 ~ Academic Preparedness

In podcast episode No. 5, the co-hosts, Dr. Daniel de Roulet and Prof. David C. Pecoraro,  talk about “Knowing who your students are today: Academic Preparedness”

The Podcast Outline:
– This is the second of a 3 part series: “Knowing Who Your Students Are Today”
#1  Student Finances
#2  Student Academic Preparedness
#3  Students and Parents

Daniel and David say “Hello” to the student caring community.
– What is “Academic Preparedness?”
– The transition from high school to college: did we feel prepared? No.
– Students are not as prepared as they should be.
– We (Professors) work with who comes in the door. That is our job.

– “Professor Pecoraro, how do I get an “A” in this class?”
– What is the meaning and motivation behind this question?
– David and Daniel respond to this question. The desire to get an “A” is very healthy.
– The importance of the course syllabus, for the student and the professor.
– Expectations: The students are not really understanding the expectations of their professors, rather they bring with them their predictions of what they believed the expectations would be.

– At each level of advancement, students need to “kick it up a level.”
– General education courses: students are not quite sure why they have to take these courses.
– Listeners, note that we are not taking about ACT scores, we are talking about attitudes.

– The professor is excited about the subject. Students learn more when the professor is engaged and excited about the course. Professors who modify and switch their courses around, learn along with the students and keep the course interesting.
– Classroom dynamics: The classroom needs to be a safe place.
– Students have to be engaged with the subject matter. First and foremost, it is the professor’s responsibility.
– The elimination of distractions in the classroom.
– David talks about his solution for the elimination of texting in class.
– Course design is where the professor begins to set the stage for engaging the student in the subject matter.
– The professors self assessment of their course and individual lectures is vital to continued improvement.
– We want to set up an atmosphere in the classroom that is not just about subject matter. College is really about teaching the student how to think and self learn.
– Student academic preparedness is something that we build as professors into our students.
– In our next episode we’ll talk about, “Knowing Who Today’s Students Are: What should the role of parents be in college education?”

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