As teaching professors, we understand the importance and responsibility of communicating a message to an audience. For a class or an auditorium of attendees, we begin by understanding the group we will be addressing, then research and prepare to deliver a talk which is engaging, thought provoking, motivating and meets the goals of the presenting organization.

Our backgrounds have given us the experience and understanding of both the presenter and the attendees.Dr. de Roulet, as an administrator understands what is involved in selecting a speaker for an audience in higher education. Professor Pecoraro’s credentials include work as a special event producer and chair of faculty development for his university, both of which involved the booking of speakers which would address the needs of the attendees.

Thank you for exploring the possibility of us speaking at your event.
We are honored.

Professors - David & Daniel





The 13th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education   /  January 5th to January 8th, 2015

  • Prof. David C. Pecoraro presents: What Professors Wish Parents Knew About College

The 24th Annual Teaching and Academic Survival Conference was held from March 17 – 20, 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Prof. Bonni Stachowiak, Prof. David C. Pecoraro, and Dr. Daniel de Roulet/ Presentation
    How to Turn Difficult and Emotional Interactions with Students into Priceless Teaching Opportunities. 


The 11th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education was held from January 6th (Sunday) to January 9th (Wednesday), 2013 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii.

  • Dr. Daniel de Roulet / Panel Presentation / Rethinking the First-year College Seminar According to Student Cognitive Development.  Proposal pdf.
  • Prof. David C. Pecoraro / Panel Presentation / How to Turn Difficult and Emotional Interactions with Students into Priceless Teaching Opportunities. Proposal pdf.
  • Dr. Daniel de Roulet & Prof. David C. Pecoraro / Poster Presentation /  The Caring Professor: A Guide to Effective, Rewarding, and Rigorous Teaching. Proposal pdf.