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Author: David Pecoraro

How to Get Face Time With the Professor

At university, one of the challenges you may come across is how to get enough support as you try to learn new material on your own. Lectures are helpful for piecing things together, but face time with the professor is something that many students seek out. Here are some ways to get additional face time with your professor. Go to Office Hours Perhaps the easiest way to get face time with your professors is to attend their office hours. Most professors will hold office hours for each course they teach. This might happen once a week in their office. You can often find the office hours listed directly on the syllabus, or you could shoot your professor an email to find out when their next office hours are. If you decide to go this route, be sure that you have your questions prepared ahead of time because you may be competing with many other students for the chance to ask questions during the office hours’ session. Make a Personal Connection You could also reach out for one on one help with your professor if you aren’t able to get the answers you need during office hours. When there are, many students present to ask questions, it can be hard to focus enough time on the questions you want to explore. Note that if you are reaching out to your...

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