Author: David Pecoraro

Affording the American Dream: Measuring College (Un)affordability

The pressure to attend college is at an all-time high, as is the cost to attend. A March 2017 report released by the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) states that most low- to middle-income students cannot afford more than 5% of the 2,000 colleges IHEP studied. Given the rising costs of tuition, the American Dream of achieving a college degree is becoming more of a pipe dream than a reality for the underprivileged masses.

So, what exactly is driving up the cost of tuition higher than the rate of inflation, and what can be done to remedy this issue? Read on to find out.

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Money Matters: Starting the Conversation about Costs of College with Your Student

Relationship experts say that most couples argue–and break up–over money issues. Talking about money as it relates to attending college, I can tell you from personal experience, can also make your kids want to walk out the door. Or at least storm up to their rooms not to be seen again…well, until they want something to eat or clean laundry. Read...

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Do’s and Don’ts for Moving into Rented Accommodation as a Student

The second year is the time in student life where many people think that it is time to try renting a place and moving out of halls of residence.  It can be a big decision and have a positive or negative effect on your life so careful consideration is required.  Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you plan the move. Do look early There’s no official date that you should start house hunting but as soon as you have made the decision to do it, then start looking around.  Often, the earlier the better with house hunting – that way you get the best choice of properties.  Many students start looking at the end of their first term to give themselves plenty of time. Using student accommodation specialists can also be a big advantage because you know that you are getting great quality accommodation that will come with legally safe tenancy agreements and top standards.  There are also accommodation specialists who offer higher quality properties that are perfect when you are sharing with others. Do look at the area around the house It is common to pick accommodation based on where it is in relation to the university campus or the price but make sure you look a little further than this.  For example, look at the facilities around where you are living – is there a...

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What Kitchen Essentials Do You Need to Take to University?

You have finished your college years, your application has been accepted to university and you now face a summer of preparation before you embark on the next step in your journey.  Then the panic starts to set in – what do you need to take to university?  And how are you going to eat without your Mum or Dad there to help out?  Kitchen essentials are one of the areas you need to consider when doing your summer preparation. Look at the facilities By now, you will already know what kind of accommodation you are aiming for when you start university.  It might be halls of residence or you might be looking to rent a cost-effective place.  Maybe you and some friends and getting together to have a touch of luxury in your accommodation and rent somewhere a little less conventional student.  Whatever the case, this will give you some ideas about what facilities come with the property and what you might need. By taking an inventory of what comes with the property or space, you have a good starting point to see what else you need.  For example, some rental properties come with just the basics such as a cooker, fridge and freezer while others might have smaller appliances such as a kettle, toaster, microwave or even a coffee machine if you are very lucky. Consider what you...

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6 Benefits of Quality Education for Students

Education is the means of acquiring knowledge through various learning, teaching and studying process. The quality of education is the right impact in which the knowledge one has acquired is put to use accurately. It is also of a great importance for a student to be taught effectively and efficiently for them to retain what they have studied so far. Quality and affordable education are for everybody and all educational stakeholders must ensure they implement a policy that guides against unethical practices in schools. They must regulate the activities that deter the growth of education. Students should be able to get adequate knowledge and understanding for them to achieve academic excellence in school. 6 Benefits of Quality Education for Students It Improve Academic Performance Getting access to quality education will help the students to have more knowledge and understanding of their course of study in school. It will help to boost their morale to learn and study this will improve their performance in class. Teachers must ensure they train, guide and impact positively right education which will improve their skills, ability and capability to learn. Competitive Advantage It is of great benefits for students that have opportunity to learn in a well equipped and conducive environment to compete against their peers in the society because they have pass through various rigorous process of learning. Unlike some students who are...

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Interesting Ways in Which Technology Is Changing the Face of Education

For those who have been educators for any length of time, the many ways in which technology has infiltrated the classroom has been a journey all its own. However, for many parents who studied in a pre-Cloud era, technology in the classroom is something that leaves much to the imagination. While most who are reading this grew up in an age where every classroom had at least one computer and many classes were taught on an iPad instead of through a hardbound textbook, some of these changes may, instead, seem like the norm. Let’s explore a few of the innovations made possible in the classroom because of advances in technology. No More Hard Copies! To say that there is a greater emphasis on conservation would be the understatement of the year. The reason why most school districts have replaced textbooks with tablets isn’t to save the rain forests but for assorted other reasons. Consider the fact that one iPad can contain every textbook for every class for all four years of high school. When one textbook could cost more than $100 but an iPad can be bought discounted for less than that, schools are saving thousands of dollars per student over that four year time period. Teaching Kids on Familiar Ground Another way in which technology is impacting the way we educate our kids is by giving them a...

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