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Author: David Pecoraro


Family time is running out and your kid is going off to college this fall. It’s time to take a hard look at what tasks your teenager knows how to do and the ones they lack. It’s also important to realize what will make you feel better once they’re gone so you don’t worry needlessly.

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Student Blogging & Freelancing

For college students, graduating is only the first battle. Students must, as graduation approaches, locate a fairly lucrative job in their chosen field of study. This task is often made more difficult by the fact that students need to compete with not only their fellow post-grads, but also with individuals with more experience in the job market. College students should proactively seek out educational and professional opportunities while they are in school to beef up their resume. The internet has created a unique opportunity for students who wish to pursue a writing based career to practice their craft, potentially earn some pocket money, and beef up their resume. Don’t be intimidated. If there’s one thing I learned over the last two years blogging, it’s this: lack of writing skill doesn’t always prevent individuals from being published online. If individuals who don’t have the benefit of a college education can be published online, so can you. The Spectrum of Online Writing Opportunities There are a few tactics that budding writers can utilize as they begin their online writing journey. Create a blog. This tactic grants the most control and has the added bonus of allowing you to learn how to utilize WordPress, learn about onsite search engine optimization, and about social media marketing. If the website, flourishes, you could eventually begin to monetize it for a little extra pocket money....

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Simplifying the College Acceptance Process

It’s the season for graduation ceremonies, and we have been attending them for our students, for family friends and, in the case of David and his wife, the graduation ceremony for his son. During one of the graduations, David noticed something that has apparently turned into a trend…. Source: Simplifying the College Acceptance...

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