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Author: David Pecoraro

SC 183 Learning Management Systems

The Professor as Presenter – Learning Management Systems   Preparation is Key David interviewed a number of professors at an online university and discovered that for each online class, the professors were paid for 300 hours to prepare their course. Switching to a learning management system overnight is crazy! TIPS Be attentive to your time in addition to your students time. It is not wise for you to be online and available 24 /7. Spend large amounts of time setting up your course online and making certain that it is working, 100% in all areas. Don’t assume that your current students, in an online class, are the only students seeing the exam as it becomes easy for them to share. Our students today are very comfortable using these learning management systems. Use your management system as your personal assistant. Discover how the software can enable you to teach in new and innovative ways to improve learning for your students. We welcome your comments, feedback and guest post submissions. Email:  General Information   |   Prof. David C. Pecoraro Thank you! Daniel & David ~~~~~ All Podcasts via This Website Click this Link to Subscribe via iTunes Click this Link to Listen on Stitcher Smart Radio Click this Link to Subscribe via Google Play Click this Link to Subscribe via RSS (non-iTunes feed)   ### SC 183 Learning Management Systems If you are concerned about making...

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Career vs. Major…Which Comes First?

Conventional wisdom suggests the answer to this question is that the choice of major is the most important decision and consequently drives the career choice. Parents, friends, and some school personnel mistakenly have the student focus on a major.  Consequently, the student is asked repeatedly…”What are you going to major in?”  Rarely is the student Source: Career vs. Major…Which Comes...

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How to create a video for a class – Teaching in Higher Ed

I have been talking often about the learning management system (LMS), Canvas, these past few days. We are switching over to it for the coming academic year, which, according to my calculations, starts in about two and a half seconds. One of the many features I appreciate about it is how easy it is to […] Source: How to create a video for a class – Teaching in Higher...

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8 Essential Facts You Need To Know About the FASFA

Did you know you could get financial aid to attend college?
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA as it is commonly referred to, is a form that allows you to apply for financial aid to attend college.
It is open to applicants that are current or prospective students and importantly, needs to be applied for each academic year.

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