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Author: David Pecoraro

Times they are A-changin’ (in Edtech)

If you’re teaching in a school that’s operating like it’s still 1996 instead of 2016, encourage your district and schools leaders to take advantage of programs like E-rate to get your school connected. There is just no excuse for American schools to be out of the loop like this, especially when the resources are out there for the taking. Opening up your students to a world of learning opportunities through edtech begins with connectivity.

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How to make a good teacher

What matters in schools is teachers. Fortunately, teaching can be taught…  Very good summer reading for all of who work in this important profession. Prof. David C. Pecoraro Source: How to make a good...

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Champions Are Made In The Summer

Whether your student had a bad semester last year and needs to improve their confidence, or is leaving some of their amazing potential unfulfilled, summer is the perfect time to make incredible transformations! A formal program (camps, leadership programs, etc.) or informal program (strategy developed at home) over the summer can have a dramatic impact on performance inside and outside the classroom next year. Source: Champions Are Made In The...

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