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Author: David Pecoraro

To the Next Generation of Women Engineers: Just Go For It

Source: To the Next Generation of Women Engineers: Just Go For It Engineering bewilders many people. At dinner parties, we’re often asked: “But what do you actually do all day?” Add being female engineers to the mix and people have even more questions. The perception that we spend all hours sitting in front of our screens, staring at complex equations and working in isolated bubbles, can make many young women (or men, for that matter) shy away from the field. But as industrial engineers, we’ve found careers with the perfect combination of math, science, and (yes, really) interaction with others. In fact, it’s what we love most about our...

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Want to Hire Fresh Talent for Your Startup? Create an Internship Program

An internship can be defined as an opportunity given to new employees of a company who are referred to as interns to work at a firm or company for a given time period. This is to enable them to acquire the skills and expertise that are related to the job description. Most of the interns are normally undergraduates or students who need various expertise in their areas of study. The time period for such internship programs can be from one week to about 12 months depending on the employer.

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