Author: David Pecoraro

SC 79 #4 College to Career – Your Calling Card

7 tips to help you create your perfect cover letter and resume.

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Turning White: A Memoir of Change – Lee Thomas

We are pleased to feature this article by MyLe Ann Murphy who is currently a senior at Florida State University working on her BS in English Education and has dedicated her life to the pursuit of becoming an amazing teacher.

Using the text, Turning White: A memoir of change, by Lee Thomas for a multicultural – identity lesson plan.

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SC 78 #3 College to Career – Your Online Image

Employers will search for you when you apply for a job. What does your online image say about you?

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How To Become A Professional Credit Analyst – India

Finance and banking industry are two among the fastest growing industries. If you are looking for a successful career, you can choose finance sector. Like you, bankers, fund managers, and finance professionals too aspire to maximize their career opportunities and strive to enhance their analytical skills. Among the high-profile positions in a financial institution and bank is the role of a credit analyst. A well-qualified and skillful credit analyst is in-demand by the industry. Due to its great demand in the industry, a good many students and professionals opt for pursuing a course in credit analysis.

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SC 77 #2 College to Career – Your Internship

Your Internship: A significant learning experience.

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Enough Bloodshed in Higher Ed!

I call upon all of us in higher education, professors and administrators to work together to do more to prevent future student tragedies. We have good minds, we know how to lead and teach. Let’s discover more ways to eliminate these tragedies and return the institutions of higher education to safe places of learning.

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