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Author: David Pecoraro

SC 48 #1 Helping Second Language Students Succeed

In this podcast we interview Professors Jeff Wilson and Rebecca Beck, E.S.L. specialists from Irvine Valley College, California.

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SC 47 How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

How we spent our summer vacation.

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High School? Check… Next Up: College Graduation (Guest Post)

High School? Check… Next Up: College Graduation Having to transition from high school to college couldn’t be any more nerve wrecking. There will be difference – BIG difference – from classmates, to classrooms, professors, and policies. You might be hearing bells of freedom from the fact that you will be more independent and have less strict rules to abide by since most people wouldn’t care any less about what you do. Remember, though, that this is where your maturity will be tested. This is where responsibility weighs heavier than before. Your academic life will not be the only thing affected by the change but your social life as well. Sometimes people view it as pointless to try and contrast that 2 because of the obvious transformation in a student’s life. The fact of the matter is, for you to get to your college graduation with no problem is to acknowledge the dissimilarities in order to find ways to go about the change. High school is the time where people begin to understand themselves better and experience new things. This is when a student defines him/herself from the lessons the student learns over his/her time in high school. It is college where a person begins to apply the things he/she has learn or become more rational in the decision making area. This doesn’t always happen, however it is in college...

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