Author: David Pecoraro

SC 44 How College is Different From High School

22 Tips to help high school students make the transition to college.

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SC 43 Negotiating With Our Students

Four Strategies to help with this topic.

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Guest Post (INDIA): Mass Communication: A Dynamic Career Choice to Make

Mass Communication: A Dynamic Career Choice to Make There is no doubt to this fact that mass communication is a field which is changing with an incredible pace. With all the glamour and glitz associated with it, the field also requires enormous efforts and sacrifice to make it big.  Communication technology has changed a lot in the last few years and it is still witnessing a consistent shift in the way it is perceived and implemented. Yesteryears were the time when the communication was more dependent on either newspapers and other published journals or radio technology. However, with digitization, all boundaries have been transcended and now communication starts from newspapers and encompasses Television, Magazines, Radio as well as New Media. Two most important aspect of this change are speed and authenticity. Earlier an even that took place on a day would get reported to the mass at least with an interval of 8-10 hours. Now, with the advent of television and more recently Internet, this response time has been reduced to seconds. This phenomenal change in the way communication works demands a new breed of professionals who can be as swift and adaptive as the changing time demands. Now mass communication doesn’t limit itself to the realms of plain old simple journalism. This is a decade old concept which has now changed as mass media now extends to touch...

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Guest Post: Tips for Part Time College Students to Excel in the Classroom

There has to be a steady balance between life and work. All prefer a short cut route to achieve success. People seldom like to undergo hardships; however, this strategy may not always be successful. Some students take up part time jobs and even manage their studies be it in the curriculum of:  Article-ship Hotel management Summer internship Apprenticeship programs for technical courses. This in fact makes an economic value addition, by providing them a market exposure and teaches them the art of client dealings. Usually students enroll for the graduation and the post graduation courses along with the part time jobs where they get an opportunity of earning and learning as well and becoming financially independent. There are a few suggestible solutions.   Tip 1: Adopting a smart Approach Sheer perseverance may not always yield good results, if one is not tactful and strategic in planning and executing his schedules. An intelligent approach along with perfect time management is the need of the hour. A well-balanced approach is required to manage the priorities of life. Quick course recaps in the form of slide presentations; revision of the previous years’ solved questions, group studies and discussions also helps a long way. Swiping from the first page of the book till the last will not make one, the topper, however systematic approach can prove to be fruitful. Regular completion and submission of assignments, presentations, and...

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