Programming is one of the most valuable and beneficial skills that your kid can learn in these modern times. Either for creating and building games or for career prospects.


Children absorb insights and information and eventually utilize the current technologies like their old hat. To help you out, here are the five coding applications that will help your kids improve their skills in programming.


Basic coding for your kids provides a lot of knowledge and benefits. You’re lucky because you do not have to find an expensive professor just to teach your kids about applications that will suit them.

What does coding mean?

Coding is a process that teaches you to communicate with hardware or computer and with series of instruction. It is like writing a letter to someone, but instead of using a word on a piece of paper or in your computer, you do it in a  text editor.


The text editor is a piece of software that helps you to format code or text. After that process, this code is interpreted by a browser, like Chrome or Safari, and the results automatically show on the web.


For a little help, listed below are seven programming languages that teach kids how to code.


This coding application is not only one of the most outstanding coding-friendly applications for kids to know and understand because there is a dinosaur. The dino certainly helps, but it is more on the remarkable focus on its challenges and programming.


It is a straightforward and handy program. The interface of Daisy-the-Dinosaur is very much alike to Hopscotch but is more simple and easy to use.



Your kids can utilize Scratch to create games and animations by manipulating either the characters and images or by transferring new ones. The best thing about this free programming language is that you can use it without a connection to the internet.


This coding application utilizes a building-block graphic interface to generate a more thrilling experience for kiddos and even for the parents. All you have to do is to stack all of the programming building-block, like operators, events, and actions.


By your kid’s preference, they can share their work of art in the online community. Scratch is best for children ages from 8 to 16, and because it is free and well sustained, it is an excellent kid-appropriate programming language.


Scratch offers you remarkable control. Plus there is a vast gallery of objects that you can customize or utilize. Furthermore, the children can freely share their achievements in the online community from Scratch.


Similar to websites, the stories in Twine are consist of pages, images, and text. The outlined interface of Hopscotch displays the interconnected pages, where you can modify each page with links, images, and texts.


With Twine, kids do not need to scribble any codes; you do not need to know or have a basic knowledge of codes. Because instead of educating the kids how to code, it educates them how to construct and introduce non-linear stories and games.

All they need to do is to enhance their codes.


Kodable also comes in a series of maze and challenges to enhance the critical thinking of your kids. It also incorporates ideas and concepts like branching and looping.


Kodable is yet another coding-friendly application that interprets computer science as clear and simple to teach games and lessons that children love. Select from over seventy lessons with both off-screen and on-screen components.


For you to enhance the skills of your kids, you can enroll them in coding camps such as Deal Wiki that teaches coding through coding applications.


Following these basic programming is an excellent move to help your kids to develop and learn. Encouraging your kids to learn how to code is necessary for this modern age.


It might sound too advanced for them, but with the help of various coding-friendly applications, they will know the process step by step. Knowing how to program with these exciting and productive applications will grant your kids to master the basic fundamentals of programming.

February 6, 2018