Career Directions

This episode features an interview of Co-Founder, David Pecoraro by Co-Founder, Daniel de Roulet about a course he teaches: Career Directions and Your Daily Bread.
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More colleges need to have this class! I wish I had a group of people I could talk to about my choices; especially a group of my peers. Great post.

maureen greenaum
maureen greenaum

When I try to sign up for the monthly Newsletter I get We've experienced an error with your request. It looks like we discovered an error in your new request. Please go back to try again. Double check the information you have entered. Need help with your email marketing? Sign up today for a free 30-day trial from iContact.

David Pecoraro
David Pecoraro

Hi Maureen, Thank you for catching the sign-up form bug. We are working on correcting it. In the mean time, I'll email the paper to you directly. Take care! David


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