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How to Help Your College Kid Avoid Burnout

The transition from high school to college is more of a leap than a step, and it can be tough on our kids. With money worries, exam stress and learning to live alone for the first time, it’s no wonder rates of anxiety, depression and stress in young people are on the rise.

How to Stay Healthy While Travelling [Infographic]

It can be difficult to maintain your usual fitness routine while you’re travelling, without access to your favourite healthy restaurant and fitness classes, the motivation can quickly dwindle. Not only that, travelling in general can be a draining experience, the plane journey can be dehydrating and leave you open to catching a cold, while changing time zones can confuse your body’s natural rhythm.

Why Joining a Pre-College Summer Program is Necessary for Students

A pre-college program is something every student should go through. Summer programs allow them to taste college life, preview available courses, boost their college applications, and much more. Thousands of elite colleges and universities offer pre-college programs for aspiring students in various fields. However, you may get fascinated by the idea of spending the entire summer at a beach side or on an adventurous trip.

Top 7 Reasons To Choose Travel And Tourism As Good Job Opportunity

Travel and Tourism is a huge field and having lots of career options. It includes Government tourism departments, Immigration and customs services, travel agencies, airlines, tour operators, hotels etc. and many associated service industries such as airline catering or laundry services, Guides, Interpreters, Tourism promotion and sales etc. Travel and Tourism enterprises include major internationals with a workforce of thousands, to the small private travel agent with a handful of employees.

Tips for Navigating Your First Year of College

Be prepared to experience all of the ups and downs that come with achieving a higher education. Take the time to research advice like the tips in this article and know what to expect by talking to others who’ve been through it. Give yourself a break and understand that learning from your mistakes will make you a stronger person. See tips for navigating your first year of college.