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How to Treat Depression in Teen and Young Adult Students

The old “moody teenager” persona may seem cliché, but it has stuck around because there’s some truth to the matter. During puberty, hormones surge and fluctuate. This can cause some mood instability. But because of these natural fluctuations, parents can have a difficult time spotting serious mood disorders like depression.

How to Help Your Child Adjust When a Sibling Leaves for College

There’s a lot of talk about “empty nest syndrome” and how parents feel when their kids go off to college, but what about a younger sibling who’s been left behind? Since the day your second child was born, there has been an established family unit in place. Suddenly, everything he knows has shifted, and he may not understand his new role in the home.

Effective Ways Of Motivating Kids To Do Better In School

Life is not always easy. While adults and parents face a lot of new challenges each day, kids often believe that going to school on a daily basis is the most difficult thing in the world. It means that parents need to find effective ways of motivating their kids to go to school each day, learn something new and enjoy being there. Everyone knows the importance of education in today’s society.

An Ounce of Prevention

Each year, approximately 1.5 million students go on spring break. For many, it’s a time to relax away from the classroom. However, this annual tradition can also lead to wild partying, substance abuse and other unsafe behavior. It is possible to enjoy spring break safely. Read on for our practical tips on planning ahead to ensure you have a great time — without the hangover.


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