We consider ourselves “Caring Professors” if we have had our morning coffee or not. The truth is, coffee increases caring.

Caring Professors

In January of 2013, we returned to the Hawaii International Conference on Higher Education in Honolulu, Hawaii to give presentations to our international colleagues on the topic of Student Caring. When we walked into the conference room, two women who had attended the conference during the previous year said, “Look, here come the caring professors.” That was the first time we heard those words used in reference to us. The second was when we disembarked from the Amtrak train in Santa Barbara, California and our host, Dr. Don Lubach said, “The caring professor express has come to a stop!” The student caring community, now in over 130 countries, is comprised of many caring professors. We continue to learn, write, and research what it means to be a caring professor and look forward to meeting you in person – and of course, to buy you a cup of coffee!


During our last spring break, we were invite to speak at the Teaching Academic Survival and Success Conference on the topic, How to Turn Difficult and Emotional Interactions with Students Into Priceless Teaching Opportunities.” The conference was in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida which necessitated a trip to our local airport, known as LAX. Daniels wife, Terry graciously agreed to give us a ride to the airport. On the way, we were joking around about how it might be a good idea to offer a “Student Caring” item for sale. Since were drinking and talking about coffee at the time, she suggested, “What about a coffee cup?” “What would be on it we asked?” “I will be a Caring Professor when I finish this cup of coffee.” And so it is, thank you Terry!

If you have been listening to our podcasts, you may have picked up on the fact that we enjoy a good cup of coffee. The truth is, we do much more than enjoy it, we live for it. Some examples:

  • When Daniel approached David and said, “Would you like to write a book together?” the question was asked over a cup of coffee at Starbucks.
  • David began drinking coffee when he was a graduate student in Philadelphia at Temple University, not because he liked it, but to keep warm. In Philly, you just ask for a “regular” and they give you the most wonderful cup of coffee, with just the right amount of cream and sugar in it.
  • Daniel was the first person in the United States to receive a Starbucks Gold Card.
  • The offices of Student Caring are actually coffee shops around Southern California.


In the spirit of caring and coffee, we are pleased to offer this coffee cup.
You may purchase them by clicking below!

From Student Caring: Coffee Cup - "I will be a Caring Professor when I finish this cup of coffee.