By: David C. Pecoraro
This blog is built on WordPress (self-hosted). The theme is a customized version of Extra, by Elegant Themes which I strongly recommend. The artwork was created using the Adobe Creative Suite: CS6. Computer screen captures are produced with applications, Keynote and ScreenFlow.

Our site is hosted by with contact management provided by iContact.

Podcasts are recorded (usually in a backyard gazebo) using a Samson H4N with two Blue Encore 200 Microphones. The audio tracks are mixed in Garage Band and uploaded to Libsyn where it is distributed to our website, an RSS feed, STITCHER Smart Radio, Blackberry, GooglePlay, and iTunes. The guitar introductory and closing “Student Caring” theme music was composed and played by my son, Joseph A. Pecoraro. Coffee is acquired from a variety of Starbucks locations.