Picking a job can feel like being overwhelmed by a barrage of choices when all you want is stable and secure future. Students who like to keep their options open and are equally inclined towards each choice are more confused and often require help in deciding which job to settle for.   This post is meant as a self-help for every student out there about to graduate.

God has offered us humans a gift; the power to choose. While all other living beings are tied to their fate, its only humans who has the power and sense to choose between what’s right and wrong for them and act accordingly. For every knowledgeable and well educated human, the test of this power comes when they are about to decide upon their career. Picking a career and then deciding upon which job to choose is one of the most vital decisions of a student just about to graduate.

In the time that has passed, the sole criteria for deciding upon a career was the salary it offered or alternatively the social status that used to Student Caring come up with it. While these basics have remained largely unchanged, Millenials now take into consideration many other factors such as growth opportunities, work-life balance before settling for a particular job. Here are the different data points that one must use to arrive on a conclusion:

Work Satisfaction

Before selecting a job, you should be very sure about the things that interest you, motivate you and inspire you to become a better professional. If the job that you settle for pays you well but doesn’t provides value to your work, you might better give it a miss. Work satisfaction ranks high in the list of today’s generation amongst the things that they look for in a job. The overall job satisfaction is composed of two types, intrinsic (solely related to the task the worker does) and extrinsic job satisfaction (related to the workplace environment, pay and benefits).


For many this is indeed the first and the decisive factor in making a choice and rightly so as financial well being does guarantees mental and physical well being in today’s ultra-materialistic world. Choosing a job that won’t be able to provide you financial freedom can be a deadly mistake. Before making the plunge always ask yourself questions like these: Is the salary enough to satisfy my needs? Will it give my future the security it needs?

Growth Opportunities

When choosing a job, a big factor should be where you can see yourself in the coming years. Are there enough growth opportunities? Does the organization have a proper hierarchy? Is there only vertical growth and no lateral learning? Will you learn and grow in the current role or it will limit your horizons? Some jobs own you. They make use of your skills and knowledge without doing anything to further enhancing them.

Work-life balanceStudent Caring

Although most managers would say there is no such thing as work-life balance, the truth is any job that abuses you and pays zero regard to your personal life isn’t actually a good thing for you.  We have always heard health is wealth, & without any health, any amount of wealth that you earn is useless. To choose a job just because it pays well but eats up all your personal time is a silly mistake if nothing more.

In addition to all these four major considerations, a recent graduate looking to enter the job world should also account factors like locations, social status , happiness quotient amongst others and then make an informed choice.


Author:  Saurabh Tyagi is a career author with strong technical education credentials. He offers various career advices related to resume making, increasing workplace productivity and latest job trends after close observation of recruitment sites like Naukri.com which have millions of job listings and thousands of top companies on board.

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