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IITs and other top engineering colleges have always been the most sought after academic centers for aspiring engineers. The quality education and reputation makes these institutes an obvious choice for them. However, there are some more vital reasons that make engineering courses from India a popular choice. Read on to know why it is worth to spend time and money in engineering colleges in India!

Engineering institutions and universities in India have done it again! Four reputed universities in India, including the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai and Delhi, are listed among the top fifty global courses by the QS World University Rankings by subject.

In this race, IIT- Delhi successfully secured the country’s top position by being ranked at 42nd position in electrical engineering. To follow the chain, IIT Bombay bagged 49th position in electrical engineering, while 50th rank in civil engineering.

IIT Madras also got 46th rank in the global top 50 list. While only two institutions in India appear in the list for the five life sciences disciplines, statistics discipline features the top Indian institutions such as IIT Chennai, IIT Bombay, Indian Statistical Institute (ISS), IIT Delhi and IIT Kharagpur. Overall, IIT Bombay clearly comes up as the top engineering institution with its four courses holding ranks in the global list.

The inclusion of engineering disciplines in the global top 50 list shows that the IITs continue to maintain their sheen by performing well in their several specialist areas.

Need to enhance Global competitiveness for Indian universities

The recent QS ranking highlights the reputation of the Indian institutions specialized in the STEM, i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. However, as per the QS World University Rankings Head of Research, Ben Sowter, the lack of globally recognized specializations in other programs like arts, social sciences and humanities remain to be a major area of concern. The top 200 positions in the list witness absence of the Indian universities in other subjects such as law, medicine, finance, accounting and economics, leaving no option for aspiring students than to pursue these courses abroad.

Due to this, the chairman of Indian Centre for Assessment & Accreditation also believes that there is a drastic need to work on the global competitiveness of Indian universities.

An overview of some top ranking courses in India (IN THE TOP 200):

  • Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi, 42nd rank & IIT Bombay, 49th rank
  • Civil Engineering, IIT Madras, 49th rank & IIT Bombay, 50th rank
  • Material Science, IISc, 46th rank
  • Statistics, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay and ISI
  • Politics, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), 101-150 group
  • Linguistics, IIT Bombay, 151-200 group


The outstanding performances of the IITs in technology and engineering specializations fit into the criteria of performances shown by Asian colleges and universities in the STEM discipline. Now when the engineering colleges and several courses are being ranked in the global lists, students are more confident to pursue a degree in specialized areas of their interest. They know that their precious time, efforts and money on engineering courses in India will yield good results in the future, definitely in the form of lucrative job opportunities, both in national and international boundaries!

So, still do you need a reason to study an engineering course in India? Browse the complete information of the area you want to specialize in, colleges, and career prospects.

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