First-Time Students

Guest Post by, Suzie Parkes 

Many of you will be preparing to head out to university this year, perhaps for the first time. Or maybe you’re the parent of a student and are helping him or her to make the move. With the stress of choosing the right university, deciding on courses, and getting accommodations and finances sorted, it’s easy to miss one or two details.

     Building Image courtesy of Alan Stanton (Flickr)

As an ex-student myself I feel I can offer some words of advice when it comes to moving away from home and into university accommodations. Once you’ve enrolled and secured your finances, put a deposit down on your room (or student home if that’s what you’re going for) and signed this, that and the other form, there will be purchases to make. A lot of purchases.

From my experience it doesn’t matter how many lists you make of things to buy before you move out; there will always be something you miss. Leaving academic material aside, you may be looking at getting hold of some appliances, particularly if you’re moving into a student home. So there is the all-important kettle as well as the one appliance most students cannot do without: a microwave oven.

microwave Image courtesy of jmv (Flickr)

You might even be considering something a little more luxurious like a coffee machine or espresso maker. University students and caffeine do seem to go well together I find.

But if you (or your soon-to-be-student child) are not moving into a rented property and are opting for on-site accommodations instead, you will find that these places have many of the essential items already. So this is one load off your mind.

There are still things to think about, though. Even if key electrical appliances are already taken care of, there are still things that will need to be bought. And if the university isn’t close to a town centre or even a supermarket purchasing any forgotten items can become difficult.

Small things that may slip your mind will need to go on the list, such as pots and pans, essential cutlery, cups and plates, and even containers for storage. After all, you want to be prepared when you get there – that way you can relax once all the unpacking has been done and parents can go back to their lives.

I know it sounds like a lot of things to remember, but as most people tend to begin the enrollment process early on in the year there are months available before the first term where all these (and more) can be bought ready. You don’t necessarily have to get everything in one go.

Suzie Parkes wishes she’d had Go-Electrical when she went to university. So many mishaps could have easily been avoided.


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