Some of the most important preparation work for entering college is not necessarily academic. Your health is an important factor in your overall academic success. An extensive wellness checkup and medical record file is required for many college entrances. It’s also a beneficial path to a good start. They provide baseline levels for the next four years of your life. Here are the most important wellness checks to look into before going to college.

One of the most important items to check off for before entering college is the vaccination record. Living in close quarters in a dorm, and being exposed to a large group of people on a daily basis is a petri dish for possible infections and illness. The bare minimum vaccination for colleges usually requires MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) and Hepatitis B vaccinations are up to date.
Many students may find it helpful to request additional vaccinations as a precaution before moving to college. Pertussis is used more frequently since whooping cough is making a comeback in college campuses. Most physicians will also combine this with regular tetanus shots as well for a comprehensive vaccine. Sexually active young adults may also benefit from an HPV vaccination. Vaccination is a simple yet effective health check to prevent a long list of illnesses in close environments.

TB testing
The TB test, or tuberculosis test is a common part of a comprehensive exam. It’s also helpful last minute as part of a stand-alone test before entering college. A skin test or more accurate blood test can help make a determination. Students majoring in allied health professions and education may be required to get a TB test as part of their list of requirements for admission.

Mental Health Screening
The change associated with college can be stressful for many freshmen. Screening for potential pitfalls in the college experience is a proactive way to stay on track. A mental health screening can provide information on stressors to address prior to college admission. Many colleges and universities offer free counseling services. However, pre-screening for more complex mental health issues can eliminate sources of stress later on.

Physical Wellness Exams
A comprehensive physical exam should be an absolutely critical health check before entering college. Many colleges require one, and they often provide a valid resource for college sports and other program requirements. A wellness exam may provide surprising information to watch out for. Discussions can also be made to avoid the infamous “freshman 15” in diets, and how to stay healthy during stressful times. A comprehensive exam is also economical as doctors can group other services such as vaccination in a single visit.

Vision and Dental Checkups
Now is the time to get your vision checked and your teeth examined. A vision test immediately before college entrance can provide you with the absolute best prescription to reduce eye fatigue. It’s also a great excuse to update your wardrobe with fashionable glasses. A Sandy, UT dentist recommends getting a checkup before heading out, and returning every six months if possible. A dental cleaning and exam can also eliminate painful visits in the future since the health of teeth is often linked to the overall health of the body.

Additional Wellness Lab Checks
It’s important to know vital information on your health before entering college. The stress of exams and being exposed to a wide range of bacteria and seasonal illness can challenge your immune system. It’s also a time to understand where you stand on nutrition and wellness. Lab tests for cholesterol levels and weight to fat ratio can be a good start.
A comprehensive wellness profile is a popular way to include this information on test results for triglyceride cholesterol levels in addition to titers that may negate the need for vaccination. Finding your triglyceride levels often point towards potential dietary issues that may need to be examined. These reports can also provide information on potential STDs such as HIV and HPV.

Your pre-college examinations and health record provides a glimpse into what you need to do to stay on top of your game in college. It provides an overall record you can keep with you to decrease the risk of illness for you and those around you.


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Five Health Checks to Have Done Before Going to College