Building a career as an Oracle DBA refers to the fact that a professional will be working with one of the most reputed and complicated databases in the world. He is required to comprehend the working of the sophisticated and complex computing processes. To achieve this it is important for the individual to have college level computer skills. Professionals like computer scientists and information systems experts are preferred for this job profile. Experienced candidates are preferred as well. Since the company hires candidates with high academic qualifications and experience, they are highly paid as well. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or information systems is a must.


Necessary Qualifications

Once these criteria are fulfilled a candidate aspiring to be an Oracle DBA has to appear for an interview. This interview is considered a difficult process as it judges the technical skills as well as personal communication and process skills. As far as the questions are concerned interviewers include questions for testing technical qualifications and other attributes. So how can you prepare yourself for such a job? The questions asked in such interviews can be categorized as basic questions; salary related ones, behavioral questions and queries related to future prospects. Each of these categories includes various types of questions relating to varied fields. It is also to be noted that there are no rules stating that questions will be posed only relating to your field. Hence, it is necessary to be prepared for all kinds of situations. For this it is important to be prepared before attending the interview process. There are various firms, like, the advanced EPM Consulting, that hires Oracle DBAs.


How to prepare for questions?

Technical questions are a must. These help the employer in judging the skills of the candidates. These questions will be based on the nature of the job applied for. There are certain essential factors that should be kept in mind while answering them. For instance, the way the answers are presented, the confidence level, the candidate’s knowledge about the industry and the latest technical knowhow are some of the important factors in this regard. Preparing for an interview beforehand is preferred as it helps to avoid stressful situations during the process. It is also important to work on both the strength and weak areas. The interview process must be able to emphasize on your strengths. In addition you should also work on your weaknesses so that you can handle issues pertaining to them deftly.


Sources from where you can learn

There are various online sources from where you can learn in detail about the kinds of questions you might have to face in a DBA job interview. Internet is a fantastic source to get information about the technical questions that can be asked. Online books regarding this subject are found which an interested candidate can easily buy. In addition to the books, there are various articles and blogs where you will find sets of questions that might be asked to an Oracle DBA during his job interview. You can also look for the latest book on this subject where you will find the difficult sets of questions that an interviewer can ask. Generally, these books are written by professionals who have served the industry for many years. There are candidates who might feel that they already know about the various aspects but ‘practice makes a man perfect’. Instead of taking chances, it is always better to arrive for an interviewer fully prepared as such lucrative jobs offer a lifetime opportunity.


The career of the Oracle DBA professional requires a lot of technical skill and communication. Since these are high paid jobs, the professional are expected to take up loads of responsibilities and justify their decisions and work process when the need arises. Thus, a thorough knowledge about the system is absolutely necessary while experience can be gathered along the way.


Author bio: Kevin Shaw is a professional dealing with advanced EPM solutions. In this article he provides several tips on how one should prepare for a DBA job interview.


General Tips to Prepare for an Oracle DBA Job Interview