Good Feedback on Student Work
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Podcast # 133 / Good Feedback on Student Work
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Student Caring Moment

Situation: A students comes into your office, during office hours. They explain that they are not doing well in your course and also reveal that they are having personal difficulties and explain what they are.

Our opinions:

  • Ask yourself: “What are my responsibilities to my college?”
  • Talk to your department chair or dean to discover what your responsibilities are.
  • This is really 2 separate situations. First, their academic standing in your class and second, to make them aware of professional services available for them.
  • Academic standing: Explain to them where they are at in your course and their options for improving their grade, or not.

Feedback on student work.

  • Creating a feedback loop between you and each student can be very advantageous.
  • David creates regular assignments called WorkNotes where the student is given an opportunity to ask questions in addition to answering questions about the reading  / topic for that class.
  • A feedback loop, in writing, gives the shy student an regular opportunity to ask their question.
  • This is opposite of the autopsy method of grading. Why the student failed.
  • Over time, this reveals information for us modify and revise our courses.


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Good Feedback on Student Work