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Podcast # 135 / Grade Appeals and Managing Your Grade Book

Student Caring Moment

How can we get to know our new students?

What we do:

  • Daniel uses a survey with these questions.
    • Tell me something about yourself that will help me to distinguish you from the other students.
    • What is the most recent movie you’ve seen or the most recent book that you’ve read?
    • …and your taking this class because?
  • Student reactions: “Wow, my professor actually wants to know something about me!”
  • David assigns a project to the class where they beak into groups to create a three-dimensional sculpture.
    • Each students contributes an object that is representative of who they are.
    • In the second class, they present their work to the class which gives not only the professor, but everyone in the class a sense of who they are as individuals.

Grade Appeals

  • Daniel is experiencing a number of grade appeals where the students wanted an “A” instead of the earned “B”.
  • We must have evidence of why a specific grade was issued.
  • It is essential that we keep good track of every grade for every student.
  • Keeping good records of student attendance is something your going to need during a grade appeal.
  • Be able to explain your grading rubric / rationale.
  • Be certain that you or your spreadsheet is accurate when you calculate the grades.


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