TIPS: For Part Time College Students

TIPS: For Part Time College Students

There has to be a steady balance between life and work. All prefer a short cut route to achieve success. People seldom like to undergo hardships; however, this strategy may not always be successful. Some students take up part time jobs and even manage their studies be it in the curriculum of: 

  • Article-ship
  • Hotel management
  • Summer internship
  • Apprenticeship programs for technical courses.
This in fact makes an economic value addition, by providing them a market exposure and teaches them the art of client dealings. Usually students enroll for the graduation and the post graduation courses along with the part time jobs where they get an opportunity of earning and learning as well and becoming financially independent. There are a few suggestible solutions.


Tip 1: Adopting a smart Approach
Sheer perseverance may not always yield good results, if one is not tactful and strategic in planning and executing his schedules. An intelligent approach along with perfect time management is the need of the hour. A well-balanced approach is required to manage the priorities of life. Quick course recaps in the form of slide presentations; revision of the previous years’ solved questions, group studies and discussions also helps a long way. Swiping from the first page of the book till the last will not make one, the topper, however systematic approach can prove to be fruitful. Regular completion and submission of assignments, presentations, and research projects makes a good grilling and acquire practical orientation.

Tip 2: Occupying the front or the middle seats in the classrooms
There is always a locational advantage. It is most commonly observed that, students normally students get distracted in the back seats of the classrooms hence it is important to report a few minutes before the schedule time in order to occupy the front or the seats in the centre. This will facilitate better concentration, absorbing and digesting the classroom deliveries, thus enabling in better classroom devotion. Being attentive in class in of primary importance as there is no substitute for classroom discussions. Many known and unknown facts come to the limelight. Furthermore, it is the best platform for resolving queries.

Tip 3: Strong Networking
One must focus in developing and strengthening the networking within faculties and students for information exchange, communication, group discussions distribution of study materials and doubt clearing so as to expand one’s horizon of functioning and establish good contacts for future references, which may help for training and placement, undertake minor projects. Interactions with students of other Institutes with sound intensions is a sound approach. Even at times guest lectures by distinguished experts from corporate or other related fields may provide brilliant simulation to the students which help them to rejuvenate vibrant ideas.

Tip 4: Support of Online Programmes
Time is precious, hence from a parlance one must look to save time; the part timers prefer to avail the curriculum assistance from online tutorials by registering with them which can be pursued from home through the mode of virtual classroom training. The successful completion of projects also depends upon the data collection from online sources and reference to other sites. Despite that, webinars, video conferencing also makes an interactive session in the classroom. Even visual displays makes learning interesting and understanding many complicated concepts. The availability of E-Library and E-books makes book searching a task of seconds along with E-journals and E magazines presents the information at the fingertips.

Tip 5: Motivational Parameters and Competitive Environment
It is the spirit that leads; hence there should be a healthy competition amongst the students, rivalry is undesirable. Motivation and Inspiration from parents, teachers and fellow mates will help keeping the students in high spirits. Encouragement in performance evaluation is highly essential as it is a parameter to measure the extent of intellectual development. Mutual help and guidance is highly essential. Unfortunately, groupism may develop and result in unfair consequences which may result in demotivation and land up in utter confusion. All this causes the psychological imbalance and causes demoralization. Therefore the internal as well as the external environment has a drastic influence.

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