Why is technology so important today? Most of us are surrounded by tech devices, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Whether you’re resting or working, you’re always using technology. It’s used everywhere and almost the entire time.

Do we need technology? Well, it makes our life easy! Therefore it’s essential for all college students to develop good knowledge in technology. Here, the best thing for institutions to do is to daily expose them to technology. Let us consider some of the skills that they’ll need to teach their students!


As a college student, you’ll need to type a lot while either using the internet, writing papers and sending emails. Swift and accurate typing skills are essential because the more you’re near to a keyboard, the longer you’ll take to complete various assignments.

Universities and colleges teach their students by exposing them to the best software programs and allowing them to practice daily. They should understand how to operate keyboard shortcuts, home keys and perfect keystrokes that will greatly enhance their accuracy and speed!


Online Etiquette

As a student, you’ll also need to communicate through different platforms such as social media and email while learning. In this case, having proper etiquette in such communication is something that institutions need to train their students.

Managing partner of Noosphere ventures Max Polyakov expressed his position on this issue. He mentioned that it’s crucial for one to remain formal, for example, when addressing a professor as Dr., if they already have their Ph.D. Most importantly, colleges and universities should control the use of social media. Here, students should not post awful pictures or express hateful opinions.

As a student, these tips will give you an upper hand:

  • Practice better formatting by contacting professors and drafting emails with correct punctuation and grammar. Don’t be too emotional as you’ll need to use a professional tone.
  • Learn how to differentiate your writing style while writing to instructors. In short, keep it professional!


Online Research Skills

Almost all students know how to navigate through social media platforms but using the same internet in research is a bit challenging. However, your success in college will depend on how well you know how to make use of search engines, online reference databases, and other search materials. In so doing, you’ll get research papers quickly while working on an assignment.

Therefore, schools should train their students on how to use reference databases or Google Scholar for credible and relevant material. Remember to use nouns and not pronouns or actual verbs while searching.


Learning Software Basics

A good chunk of your university coursework will require you to use a presentation, spreadsheet or word processing program. While there are other options, the most commonly used is Microsoft Office. If you’re writing a paper, practice your skills while simultaneously widening your knowledge.


There is a great need for students to learn how to use technology. Most importantly, they should also know how to keep their private details safe from ‘cyber-goons’ at all times. Colleges should keep reminding them that what they post is both important whether shared on a simple desktop computer or online. All in all, there’s a massive gap in the tech world that calls for institutions to keep training skillful and knowledgeable students!