Facing stress as a college student is inevitable. Having to simultaneously balance a social life, take care of oneself, fulfill personal responsibilities, and give 100% to academics is beyond overwhelming. Fortunately, the stress of a college student is manageable.

Here’s how to combat stress during the semester.

Know your stress triggers

You will feel less intimidated by stress when you understand why it’s occurring in the first place. When consistently faced with the same stress trigger, you become aware of how your body reacts to it and where your mind goes during a stressful episode. From there, you can figure out the best methods that will overcome the stress trigger’s impact, such as deep breathing or stopping yourself from procrastinating.


Effectively time manage

Create a study schedule and assign daily but reasonable workloads to yourself that prioritizes finishing the most important obligations first, such as planning ahead with larger tasks. Be extra aware of assignments, such as a thesis paper or project, that have due dates weeks or months in advance since they require extensive research and drafting. Lastly, procrastination is the enemy!  Putting off assignments will make it incredibly difficult to proudly create and finish work on time.


Invest time in your personal self-care

When you finally have a break, take a step back from the anxiety of finishing assignments on time, social life, and personal responsibilities that can wait – to focus on yourself. Investing time into your personal self-care is vital to not only adequately managing your stress, but keeping you healthy. This is an opportunity to start eating a healthy diet again, adequately plan a workout schedule, and even catch up on some much-needed sleep.


Don’t say “yes” to every social invitation

While it’s tempting to say “yes” “yes” to everything, you might find yourself unnecessarily cramming your schedule or putting off studying. While fun is not a negative thing, you need to accept that responsibilities must come first. There will always be time to see your friends or go to an exciting event – even though it’s normal to feel otherwise. Think of it this way: if you finish tasks early or on time, seeing your friends and having fun will feel much more rewarding and meaningful.


Find healthy coping mechanisms

Never turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as alcohol and drugs, to ease your stress and anxiety. If you want to escape from stress, spend a moment relaxing by partaking in your favorite hobby, exercising, or even taking a nap. Falling into the trap of using an unhealthy coping mechanism will have severe consequences, such as developing an unexpected addiction or putting yourself in dangerous and uncomfortable situations.


You’re not alone when it comes to feeling exhausted and overwhelmed during college. Every student can empathize with you since they also embrace the same challenges. While stress can’t be avoided, you do not have to feel trapped by it. With discipline, consistent organization, and a positive attitude, you can successfully survive any semester!



How to Manage Your Stress

###  November 9, 2017