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Post for Podcast No. 26
by  Dr. Daniel de Roulet

How to Procrastinate | Student Caring

It’s that time of the semester when procrastination hits hardest.  The Holiday Season has begun, classes are approaching finals (but finals are not quite yet in sight), and students and professors are tired.  What can you do to avoid procrastination, or to make the best use of the procrastination that has overtaken you?

College and university students often talk of themselves as professional procrastinators—their experience in putting off today what should have been done two weeks ago makes their high school experiences pale in comparison.  And with procrastination comes stress, a background feeling of being unsettled, and a growing sense of dread as the deadlines approach—or pass.

Join us in our podcast this week as we discuss this subject.  Unfortunately, we have plenty of personal experiences to share with our listeners.

The podcast focuses on the causes of procrastination, that magical state we call “creative procrastination” (in which you can actually use your procrastination and apply all that pent up energy to other worthy tasks), and methods of defeating procrastination and turning a state of mind into positive results.  Want to enjoy a stress-free holiday season with the assurance that all have been accomplished and accomplished well?  Then please tune in.

Here is the video that we reference in the podcast:

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How to Procrastinate Your Way to An "A"

Students: Listen to Prof’s de Roulet and Pecoraro teach you how to procrastinate your way to an “A”