There are a lot of ways to earn money after graduating. You can get a job, you can launch your startup, you can even mooch money off your parents and try a few risky investments with it. If you are going to go the job route, then here are a few ways you can create a resume that stands out.


Include A Picture Of Yourself


For some reason, people still think that including a picture of themselves is the wrong way to go, but it really isn’t! Maybe back in the old days when including a picture meant mailing a Polaroid, but these days the HR team or your new manager is going to see your face anyway. You know that the first thing your manager will do is run your email address and name through Facebook to see your profile, so why not include an image to start with? Added to which, if you are attractive, then you are far more likely to be hired.


Make It All About The Company


The HR team or company boss is used to seeing lots of carbon-copy resumes. People tend to write one CV and send it off to numerous different companies. What the HR team and/or boss do not see very often are resumes that are written with their company exclusively in mind.


You should write a new resume for each company you apply to, but you can go a step further to the point where your resume is just as much about the company as it is about you. You can claim you took your qualifications so you may work at their company. You can claim you took your last job to build up the experience needed the get their job. You can say on your introduction that you have been waiting months for the position to open up so that you may finally apply.


Build Sections Into Your Resume


Make it very obvious where each section on your resume starts. Your qualifications section should have its own page, as should your experience, interests and so forth. This foolish notion that you should only send single-page resumes is old and outdated. It is only relevant for minimum wage jobs. If you actually want your job as part of your career, then you cannot afford to make it a single page long. It communicates to the employer that you only have one-page worth of qualities, when they are looking for a person that could write a book full of their qualities.


Show That You Know And Understand The Job


All employers HATE staff turnover, especially when it happens early. Most staff members leave after a few weeks and/or a few months after they realize they do not like the job. That is why employers tend to ask what you know about the company during the interview. It is their way of finding out if you are prepared for what you are getting yourself into.


What you need to do is reassure the employer that you know exactly what the job is all about, and that you are ready and willing to be a part of the team. By showing you know a lot about the company and specifically about the job, you show that you have done your research and that you are not walking into the unknown.


Also, there is nothing wrong with using the phrase, “I am happy to discuss it further during the interview.” For example, if you claim you have a lot of new ideas for your future role and the job in hand, then do not be afraid to say you are happy to discuss them in the interview. It is a cheap manipulative move, but may still help you get an interview.


What About Starting Up Your Own Business?

You can find some incredible ideas to launch your own startup even if you are still in college. When you are in college, you have your student loans as a backup so that even if you fail you are not going to go hungry. On the other hand, if you create your startup after you graduate, then you have more free time to concentrate on your business. Starting your own company doesn’t even require a startup loan. You can work a job for a few months and begin your business on the side.
What About Investing Your Way To Riches?


If you are going to do this without having a job and/or your own business with which to regularly fund your investments, then you are going to have to tie up your money and hope it makes a quick profit so you have more working capital in the future. Your best bet, and maybe your only chance of existing via one-off investments is with penny shares. You need to invest in them and sell them when they are at a peak before re-investing your money in penny shares that are experiencing a trough.


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Dennis Collins is student of journalism. Also, he is a passionate freelance writer and marketing specialist. He is working on different B2B and B2C online projects. His hobbies are surfing, reading and cycling.


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How to Write Your First Stand Out Resume