Everyone knows high school and college is getting harder for young people to deal with. With increased social pressures, the expense of getting through college, and many other factors, students are dropping out sooner every year, with only 50% of students graduating in 2009. Something needs to change. As a parent or an ex-student, you have been through it. You have yourself faced the pressures of studying, working, and trying to find your way in this world and perhaps now you are watching your sons/daughters face the same pressures. There is something you can do. You can be a person to talk to; you could become a school counselor.

What Do School Counselors Do?

As a school counselor, you are there to listen. You are there to never judge. Rather, you are there help a student face any problems they may be having. Lots of young people feel embarrassed to speak about certain things to friends or relatives so they need that support – a person to talk to who will listen, who can provide help and/or support and point them to the right place. The role of a school counselor is forever changing as society changes. Something you will have heard a lot of recently is the increase in cyber bullying – schools all over the US want to tackle this and need school counselors to help make this change. Not only will you come into contact with students but also parents, teachers, and administrators to help make the school a safer place for students and teachers alike. You may also hold sessions or activities for those struggling with certain problems; another way in which the role of a school counselor can provide help and advice.

Why Would I Make A Good School Counselor?

If you have an interest in helping students or young people then being a counselor can be an extremely rewarding job. You may face students with mental illnesses, students who are being bullied, students who want to drop out of college, and many other different scenarios. You will be trained to deal with each and every scenario that could arise and you could be the difference between that student graduating or not.

How Do I Become A School Counselor?

Becoming a school counselor or a college counselor has never been easier. With many masters of counseling programs online, becoming a qualified counselor is as easy as applying online! As the course is online you can complete it from the comfort of your own home or perhaps have that well-needed break to go and sit in your favorite café for a couple of hours with your laptop.

As you can see, the role of a school counselor has been and always will be important in high school and college settings, and often counselors are underappreciated. We need people who care about students, who want to make a difference, to come forward and help the students of the future graduate, be happy and enjoy their school experience.

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Published:  April 27, 2017