Acquiring a student visa may not be an easy task as one thinks. One may think that by the virtue of being a student their application will be considered immediately. However it is important to note that it involves certain requirements to be met before one is given the visa.

There are different kinds of student visas depending on the reason why one is going to a particular school. This includes some going to colleges that have been registered and recognized by that country, some go for cultural exchange program which are government sponsored or privately sponsored. And some go for vocational or technical schools.

So the requirements vary depending on the reason for going to a certain school. Before applying the visa, one should ensure that their application to the school they want has been accepted and they have been awarded an admission into that school


• The student must provide evidence that they have adequate funds to cater for their college fees during the time of their study.

• The student should also show every intention of leaving the country on completion of their study.

• One should also show that they are not willing to give up on their residence in the country of their origin. On meeting this requirements one’s application can be considered.


For a student to be eligible for a visa, there are several levels of risk that are assessed

  • Levels of assessment- there are levels from one to five. One being the lowest while five being the highest. A level one student will have less strict requirements to prove of his genuine visa application need while level five students will have very strict requirements to prove.
  • Level of English- The student must possess and prove beyond reasonable doubt that their English level is satisfactory to the college they are being admitted.

Also one needs to provide the proof that they can manage to pay the required school fees.

These rules are put in place to ensure that on honest students with the need to study are given the chance of going to the respective country of their choice.

ESTA In the event that you plan after going to America, on the off chance that you are flying or actually going via ocean. You may need to make application for an ESTA, which is an expert visa waiver application item.

Getting an ESTA approval normally implies that you probably won’t require a United States visa so as to venture out to that nation.

In the event that you are petitioning an ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization, then you need to do so no short of what seventy two hours or sooner before your takeoff date and applications for these needs to be carried out on the net.

You must fill in the prerequisite structure for an ESTA which could be truly basic furthermore by and large approval to visit is about prompt.

You will find various respectable sites taking care of ESTA applications. In the event that your travel solicitation is approved then you won’t have to apply once more as the ESTA visa waiver persists for a considerable length of time, giving you meet certain conditions.

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