After pursuing a graduate scheme, if you want to jumpstart your career then a graduate training scheme can be a great scheme to start with. Generally, the big names of the respective fields have this provision for the graduates fresh from the universities. Employers especially in the field of finance and management, banking, transportation, structural and civil engineering, construction and information technology have these schemes for the graduates. Duration of these schemes is of one year, but it can also extend to two years depending on the nature of the scheme.

Requirement for admission

Employers generally have different types of graduate schemes under their ambit, which covers the different aspect of the work. The duration and the structure of the scheme usually differentiate students from the other graduate jobs. But, not all students are permitted to enroll to this course. It is seen that only a handful that is about 12 to 15 percent of graduates are permitted to enroll to these schemes.

  • Students need to have good academic background.
  • Good communication and management skills are also important.
  • They need to be enthusiastic about working with the company.
  • Companies look for students who are flexible and practical in their approach.
  • Aspirants need to be open to undertake travel during their phase of training.

Different advantages attached

You can find detailed information regarding these schemes in the respective websites of the companies. Owing to a number of benefits, students take up these graduate schemes.

  • It provides a career to kick start your career.
  • Students are trained and provided support to fulfill their career goals.
  • They can also work in different departments of the company and can have an insight of how the organization works on a whole.
  • A mentor or a buddy will be assigned to you, who can guide you through the process.
  • The scheme also provides opportunity to aspirants to pursue professional courses, which will be funded by the organization.

Format of these programs

Generally, these schemes follow a uniform format, but depending on the nature of the industry that you have chosen, there might be some small changes in the structure. These training programs start with an induction phase, where trainees are introduced to the industry, its structure and also the rules and regulation and culture of the company. Secondly, the companies decide on the location of the training, it might be scattered in different parts of UK. The next phase involves the enhancement of the soft skills that students have acquired through courses and also placement which are part of the graduation courses.

Development of skills

Most important skills that are developed are the project management skills, ability of making decisions and solving problems with an innovative approach, skill of negotiation and communication. Trainees are assigned project based roles and based on their performance in the team they are assigned. If the aspirants wish, they are also helped with professional courses. But, for this they need to wait for the completion of the graduate scheme. Once, you have decided the area you want to specialize, you can opt for a professional course. A senior manager is often assigned as the mentor of the aspirants. They help in guiding students to achieve their career goal.

A buddy, those have recently completed a graduate scheme is also assigned to these trainees. These help them to share their ideas and provide support to them. Upon completion of this training scheme, they are absorbed by the company, under whom, they have pursued the scheme. You can seek employment to junior manager level. These organizations assess the ability and skills of the trainees and place them in different departments accordingly. With a working knowledge and exposure about the university, students get an edge over others seeking employment.

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