A Brief intro of Kinesiology

You know that question, “what’s your major?” If you go to any college in the world, there is no doubt that you have answered, or on the flip It’s The Hard-Knock Life...When You Are a Kinesiology Majorside, asked that question over 100 times. If you are a kinesiology major, it is even worse. You get three responses to your statement of , “I’m a kinesiology major.” You usually get the classic response, “what’s that,” where you proudly get to state what you do and will do for a living to people. Then you meet other kinesiology students, where they ask, “what branch of kinesiology”, and you guys get to bond over the fact that you are both Kinesiology students. Then there is my personal favorite, when you meet students in other majors, and when they learn you are a kines major, reply with a, “oh my gosh, you are crazy. Well good luck! That’s a lot of work.” The sad thing is that they aren’t wrong. Being a kinesiology major is hard work. Once you become a kinesiology student, you enter yourself into a cutthroat competition. Not only do you subject yourself to difficult courses, but you also then have to subject yourself to immense pressure, as you have to conquer those difficult courses and try to be the best of your class. You want this of course for going to any graduate schools, since the administrations will not even consider a student who has less than a B average. Scary right!



Believe me, I am not kidding when I say pressure is on. From the moment I started as a kinesiology major, there have been challenges after challenges. The work, the teachers, the stress, and the pressure are just a couple things that we, as students, have to face. One of the aspects that makes being a kinesiology student difficult is the amount of work we are given. I understand, like everyone else I have talked to, that we are in college and we were told that the workload was going to be heavier, but I never imagined it was going to be so heavy that we would be pulling all-nighters just to turn in not only the work for our Kines classes, but also all the other classes we are required to take as well. It literally becomes a trade off for college students who are kines majors. It becomes either to give up enjoy your days as a college student in order to be able to finish your homework and get to sleep on a decent time, or to actually go out and live your life and sacrifice either sleep or not finishing your homework.

You definitely learn the meaning of “can not have it all”. The second aspect of being a kinesiology major that personally affects me the most is the amount of stress and pressure that is placed on you. As stated above this is a tough major to be in. You are competing against thousands of students worldwide who are wanting to do the same job that you ultimately want. And, because this is a medical field, naturally graduate schools want the best of the best. This is when this major gets tough, because if you are perfectionist like me when it comes to grades, you want to see mostly A’s and B’s. However, when you see that occasional C slip through, emotions come crashing through and you start to believe that you don’t belong in this major anymore. That’s when the pressure of this major truly comes crashing down.


The End Results

So why do we do subject ourselves to this? Why do we subject ourselves to the pressure, the stress, just any of it. Because we are called to it. As humans, we naturally like challenges and like to overcome them. We want to make our teachers, our families, and ourselves proud. At the end of the day, when we reach our goals of becoming that successful physical therapist, chiropractor, or biochemist, we want to look back at the road we took to get there and be proud. Be proud of the fact that we overcame dull teachers or passed those two tests while only running on an hour of sleep. We want to look back and say that even though we were brought down by tests and labs, we still survived and lived. It is definitely not easy being a kinesiology major, but in the end it is well worth it. The knowledge, the friends, and hopefully the degree (and the title we will walk away with) make this difficult journey a positive one. So as a kinesiology student and for other kinesiology students, we all know the same feeling.

We have all felt weighed down by the stress, we have all crumbled and felt like we couldn’t go on in this major anymore, but we have also felt that pride and happiness when we passed that test or class that we thought we failed.

My goal in becoming a physical therapist has had a few mishaps in it, but I know that this is my path and to throw in my favorite verse Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Never give up on your dreams and goals, no matter how challenging it gets, trust me when I say you can do it. The only remaining question to ask yourself is how far are you willing to push yourself to accomplish your goals? As I stated it will be challenging.

Are you up for it?


By: Cierra Parker

Email: Cierra.parker@vanguard.edu

Ms. Cierra Parker
Guest Blogger


It’s The Hard-Knock Life…When You Are a Kinesiology Major