We continue to learn and be inspired by our listeners and members of our community.

Maureen Greenbaum, Professor of Computer Information Systems at Union County College in Cranford, New Jersey listens to our podcasts while she swims!
Her emails close with these words:  Enlarge, Enhance, Empower, Engage, Emend, Enthuse, Emancipate, Emphasize and Embellish your abilities by Embracing technology. Bravo Maureen!

She was gracious to share with us the work of Jeff Young and his, “The Lecture Fail Project.”  – Students and Professors Sound Off on the State of the College Lecture. Mr. Young, writing for the Chronicle of Higher Education, in the Technology section has solicited videos from students and professors on the state of lectures, the use of technology and of Power Point.  The videos are highly informative as both students and professors tell their stories.

Professor Greenbaum writes: “So I am anti-lecture and anti multiple-choice.  Thus when Jeff Young posted his Lecture Fail?  on Chronles of Higher Ed I issued an extra credit challenge to my students. One took me up. Destiny, a top student in the Plainfield evenings CIS100-392 class, took my extra credit offer to make a response video about any professor and send it the Chronicle. Now she (brokeblacknincollege) is (in print.)”

I invite you to watch her video here.

Great work Maureen!  Thank you for being a inspiration to your students.
Keep caring!

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Listener Maureen Greenbaum shares "Lecture Fail" from the Chronicle of Higher Education