We look forward to exploring a working relationship with you that will result in a win for our students and your organization.

Our website website advertising options may be targeted to any or all of the following international audiences:
College Students
Parents of College Students
College Professors

1200 x 200 Banner in the footer of all pages.
$600. USD

300 x 300 Sidebar image per category. (Categories: Students, Parents, Professors) Located under “PRESENTATIONS” / Black button.
$200. USD

• Cost is per month / 3 month minimum / 12 months maximum / paid up-front w/agreement.
• We pre-approve of all images and links. We do not promote sites where students can purchase papers or gambling.
• We seek to promote the values associated with our Mission Statement:  The Student Caring Project seeks to educate students by understanding their strengths and challenges and by then helping them to make the most of their college educations. We seek to clarify expectations about the goals of higher education for both professors and students, and we provide practical tools for faculty, students, and students’ families that will increase student success.

Sponsor a podcast for professors.  iTunes Link
Mention in podcast & link in post associated with the podcast episode.
$100. Per Episode

Looking forward to doing business with you,


Prof. David  C. Pecoraro
Co-Founder, The Student Caring Project
Email: david@studentcaring.com