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Listen to Podcast Episode No. 2  

In podcast episode No. 2, the co-hosts, Dr. Daniel de Roulet and Prof. David C. Pecoraro, discuss the preparations they are making for their first days of instruction for the fall semester.To all of the listeners who have downloaded our first podcast, “THANK YOU.” We are very happy to see how popular this subject is.

The Podcast Outline:
•  Our courses have larger than usual enrollments and large waiting lists.
•  Communicating with our students via email during the weeks before the first day of instruction.
•  Preparing a welcoming orientation meeting.
•  Meeting with the new students and addressing their unique needs.
•   Pairing up new students with continuing ones and the assignment of a faculty mentor.
•  We each discuss the courses that we’ll be teaching.
•  Daniel discusses the importance of office hours and a coffee hour.
•  An exploration of learning experiences which could occur outside of the classroom.
•  An exercise in learning about your students before you meet them.
–  A look at significant events which have occurred during their lives.
–  Looking at our students’ lives in contrast to ours.
•  The summer before a student begins college.
–  Daniel shares his summer before college and his first day of instruction.
–  David discusses the summer vacation which did not occur and his transition to college.
•  Understanding the student’s perspective and the professor’s opportunity to set the tone.
•  Daniel provides words of encouragement for all professors.
•  David preparations for getting to know his students and pronounce their names!
•  The professor’s perspective vs. your students’.
–  Establishment of ground rules.
–  “Crossing the bridge from high school to college.”In our next episode you hear about how our first days went.
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