If you have recently graduated college, or even if you are just within about a year of doing so, you probably already have that sinking gut feeling…

You know, the one where you just think, “What am I going to do?”

Once you walk across that stage and they hand you that diploma, that is it. You have officially crossed over into the “adult world,” as most people like to call it.

It seemed as though the journey to get that degree would never end, but now that it finally has, you find yourself wondering what your next step will be. There is no more of the “I have classes” crutch to lean on…

It is time to step up your game, be responsible, get a full-time job, and start building your 401K…

It seems like you will be having to prepare your will before you know it.

The real world comes, fast doesn’t it? And, it hits hard.

But, as someone who has stood in your shoes, I will share some of the best advice I have ever received from professors:

Always be kind, you never know who is watching.

Now that you are out in the real world looking for a career, your image is everything. That reference list that used to be compiled of your mom, your aunt and the neighbor you used to babysit for will now be composed of professors, employers, and fellow organization members.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, someone is always watching you. And, in some cases, you might not even know it…

Furthermore, you might not know because you do not even know the person, but they still know you. You will be surprised who calls who for feedback on your true personality when you start applying for full-time jobs.
Stay involved.

Whether the chess club or a sorority/fraternity was your thing in college, you most likely were always involved in some sort of group, club, or organized sport. It was a way to meet people and keep you busy.

Well, in the business world it is no different. There are several different organizations out there that are focused on a specific industry – get involved in one.

Networking is key to your success in any field and by getting involved in a relevant organization or even just by volunteering regularly, you will have the opportunity to meet people who could make a huge impact on your career.


Never stop learning.

In some careers, such as teaching or the medical field, continued learning is actually required…

However, it really should be required in all fields as you can never truly know everything and the industry and media outlets are always changing.

Make a point to always be searching for new learning opportunities and ways to improve your skill set. The eagerness to learn will show your determination and dedication to the field, boosting your job profile even more.


Final Thoughts

Becoming an adult is no easy task, but it is one that is incredibly fulfilling if you will let it be.

Getting started in the business world is often the hard part, but don’t just sit back and hope for smooth sailing once you have made your way in.

Continue looking for ways to improve your image, your skill set, and ultimately your resume.


August 3, 2017

How Professors Can Advise Newly Graduated Students