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Student Caring - Book 2

Student Caring Presentation at an International Conference

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At the invitation of the Hawaii International Conference on Education Prof. David C. Pecoraro represented the student caring duo for a presentation of January 5, 2015. The following are selected highlights from his presentation and the accompanying podcast for this blogpost.

This blogpost is a report on the research we are conducting for our next book:

What Professors Wish Parents Knew About College​
© 2013 Daniel de Roulet, Ph.D. and David C. Pecoraro, M.F.A.

ISBN:  978-0-9898338-1-3

Information about the release of this book will be available via: during 2015.


(For the full presentation, please listen to the accompanying podcast.)

We are creating products and services for parents, professors and their students. This presentation is about the research for our next book which is for parents: 

What Professors Wish Parents Knew About College​
The Student Caring Project


Our sequence of thoughts about how to communicate our thoughts began with an image of the Vulcan mind-meld.

What Professors Wish - Mind Meld

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We recognized that the best way to discover how students felt about this subject was for a student to interview them. Edwin Aguilar joined the research team and conducted in person interview with 41 college students.

What Professors Wish - Research 1

Trends discovered by Edwin:

  • Vanguard University (Private Christian Liberal Arts)
  • Parents know the process and support their students.
  • Students who do not have to pay do not appreciate the value of an education. Yet, they have big dreams.
  • We don’t want rules. “We are adults, not babies.”

Coastline Community College (Commuters)

  • Most students work between 20 and 30 hours / week.
  • First generation Higher Ed. – Wish parents knew about College.


University of California, Irvine (Very International)

  • Parents pay and closely monitor progress. (Even phone calls.)
  • First generation Higher Ed. – Wish parents knew about College.


Students (Across all places)

  • “My parents value and want me to have a college degree.”


Edwin’s Personal Statement:

  •  “My parents believed attending a Christian university would be most beneficial, regardless of the academics of the campus.”


What Professors Wish - Research 2

Collaborative discoveries about the target reader. (Parents)

  • If the parents went to college, their knowledge is about 20 years old.
  • College experiences vary greatly: Public or Private / Dorm / Commuter.
  • Joining clubs and getting involved socially is very important for students.

And – most important:

  • Parents and professors need to know who their students are.

Our Concerns:

  • Parents who believe they are helping, but are not. (Helicopter / Lawnmower)
  • Parents who do not / are not able to help their college kids.

What do you wish?

As we continue to research and write, we invite your comments and answers to the question:

What do YOU wish parents knew about college?


We welcome your feedback so we may continue to honor our mission statement and help students, the world over.

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Thank you!

Daniel & David


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SC 101  Discovering What Professors Wish Parents Knew About College


Creating Positive Collegial Relationships

Creating Positive Collegial Relationships