This podcast continues with our conversation on student caring moments.

Notes from the Student Caring Podcast for Professors

SC 141 #2. Creating Caring Moments

1:  A group project is not going well because one student is not doing their job.

  • Our temptation is to put the responsibility on the group.
    • The students will learn as a result of peer-pressure. It’s not true.
    • It is our responsibility to sit down with that student and explain that their performance is not acceptable.
    • The student needs to know that they have a responsibility to the group. This of course can be viewed as a rehearsal for a professional work environment.
    • Our tone with the student is very important. We want to encourage, teach, and set a high standard.


2:  How can we add some stress-relief to the student experience?

  • Build in to the class schedule:
    • “Class today in the local coffee shop!” A great opportunity to teach and connect with your students.
  • Class: “Can we have class outside today?” – Yes!
  • Build into your class schedule a surprise.
    • Plan an activity that not exceptional, then surprise them by announcing that you are replacing the activity with one that is exceptional.
  • You can remove a reading assignment from the schedule to give them a break in the middle of the semester.


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SC 141 #2. Creating Caring Moments