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SC 144 Student Centered Teaching

As we record this the Santa Ana winds are blowing in Southern California.
Daniel recommends the writings of Joan Didian The Santa Anas.


Helping students with their stress:

  • Students are usually trying to solve many problems at once. Talk them through their situations one-by-one. When the situations are broken down into individual moments, it can help them to manage their stress.
  • Worrying is helpful in small doses but honestly, would it help?

Teaching Styles

Student centered teaching

  • This doesn’t have to be all or nothing, we can blend our teaching styles to provide variety in the classroom.
  • Often, Daniel will teach two-thirds of class in lecture mode, then switch to a student guided activity for the remainder of the class.
  • We can orchestrate a reversal of roles where the student is now the teacher. As we well know, you have to know a topic really well before you attempt to teach it to others.
  • We can place students in charge by assigning them a topic to present that will enhance the learning experience for all students. Now, “The Sage on the Stage” is the student and not the professor.
  • This approach brings the students work into the spotlight as they show us how much they are learning. These presentations, when done well, result in the student feeling very proud of their work.
  • This method of teaching will tell you more about what they learning than a final exam.
  • When your students are presenting, lack of engagement is not an option.


We move from being the “Sage on the Stage” to the “Guide on the Side.”

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SC 144 Student Centered Teaching