Notes from the Student Caring Podcast for Professors

SC 147 Finals Week

How we can help our students during finals week.

  • We can be positive and not let our (perhaps) our true feelings about how we are feeling become known.
  • Resist the urge to pack in as much materiel as we can. Our students are not in a strong learning mode at this time of the semester.

How we can help ourselves during finals week.

  • Do we make less comments when grading finals? Yes. Grade them well, but know that students don’t usually pick them up.
  • We are grading, end of the year assessments rather than providing comments for improvement.
  • David paces his finals grading to meet rather than beat the grade submission deadline.
  • Daniel advises that we get enough sleep so we can be rested for our grading tasks.
  • Consider a faculty grading party at a fun location.

 We wish for you all, a very good final week of the semester!

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SC 147 Finals Week