Notes from the Student Caring Podcast for Professors

Professor New Year Resolution #1: Learn how to learn all my students’ names.

  • Hey, you there in the third row – go ahead!
  • We find seating charts to be really helpful.
  • Many group assignments requiring students to say their names as they present is helpful as we hear their names repeatedly.

Professor New Year Resolution #2: Don’t fall behind in my grading.

  • Daniel practices the “Grade 5 papers a day” method.
  • Relative calm and order prevail when we don’t procrastinate.

Professor New Year Resolution #3: Eat healthier and drink less coffee.

  • We are unified in our resolve to ignore the ‘less coffee’ portion of this tip.
  • Why is it so difficult for us to eat and drink what is good for us? Stress?

Professor New Year Resolution #4: Don’t say ‘yes’ to all potential committee assignment requests.

  • This can be difficult due to our commitment to shared governance.
  • If we do too much on this side of life, our teaching can suffer.
  • Decide where you can be most effective.

Professor New Year Resolution #5: Spend less time on the Internet

  • Ours is not a thinking profession at all, is it?
  • The Internet can be a huge distraction for us and rob us of precious productive time.

Professor New Year Resolution #6: Don’t check email 20 times a day!

  • Why do we do this? We don’t want to miss anything!
  • Our students check their email – constantly.
  • Students and colleagues ask: “Did you get my email?”

Professor New Year Resolution #7: Improve my professorial wardrobe.

  • Do you dress like a professor? (We are not always successful in this area.)
  • At least, for the benefit of our students, look like a professor, it really matters.

We invite you to join us in 2016 and beyond by sharing your work with the international Student Caring community.

Opportunities for you join us:

  • Write a guest blog post about…
    • Your research
    • Something you are passionate about
    • Something you want to share with students, professors, or parents.

Announcing the debut of the One Minute Office Hour on January 1, 2016.

Please – share this with all college students in your world, it would really mean a lot to us as we seek to help more and more students succeed in college.

One Minute Office Hour LogoStudents who most often do not come into our offices during our office hours could benefit from a one minute (TED TALK style) video that they could access on their smart phones or computers.

  • We welcome your contributions to this video cast, publishing every Friday.
  • To participate, email and he will get back to you with participation details.
  • Have you always had something that you wanted to share with all college students? What are you known for? Here’s your chance to tell the world.


If you are interested in being a guest to this podcast, just let us know!

We are continuing our research for book #2: What Professors Wish Parents Knew About College.

If you are interested in being interviewed for this book, please let us know.
David is researching this book during his sabbatical leave, spring of 2016.


 We wish for you all, a Happy New Year!

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SC 151 New Year Resolutions for Professors