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Syllabus – Part Three

Open syllabus syllabus quiz

  • Daniel gives the “Open Syllabus Syllabus Quiz” A.K.A.: OSSQ to his class to encourage them to think about why they are there and what the learning process will be.

Sequence of assignments.

  • A chronological listing of each assignment, what the topic will be, and how it will be assessed.
  • Without a list of what the assignments are, there will be anxiety and confusion, both for the students and the professor.


  • Often, our students do not know what grades they have received and how they are doing in your class.
  • A syllabus needs to list what the assignments are and how they are weighted on day one.
  • We want our students to manage their own grades.

Late assignment policies

  • If students don’t know what your policies are regarding late work this will create many, many questions.
  • Spell out your policy: Assignments are not accepted late. Assignments may be turned in before the deadline.
  • A student may assume that your policies are just like those in another class.

Please join us next week for section number four in the syllabus series.

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