Notes from the Student Caring Podcast for Professors

Syllabus – Part Four

Office hours

  • We find that students are communicating with us via emails instead of coming into our offices.
  • We need to let our students know what “Office Hours” actually are and what they are for.
  • Help your students by telling them specifically where your office is located.
  • We invite you to join us with our new service for students:  “One Minute Office Hour

College services available to students

  • Even though our students have access to the resources available, they often forget or do not know where to go for help.
  • It can be helpful for us to verbally explain to our students what the health center can and can not do for them.
  • Tell them what type of services the on campus police department has to offer.

Digital technology

  • Explain to your students how crucial it is that they regularly check their college email address. We should not assume that they are all aware of this.
  • Freshmen may need extra help accessing the course management system.

Please join us next week for section number four in the syllabus series.

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