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SC 156 Nota Bene Student Attendance

Trends in class attendance

  • When we were in college, people pretty much attended class.
  • Today, we do see a strong motivation on the part of our students to be diligent about class attendance.
  • You can also tell, how attendance at your college is going on any give day by the amount of cars in the parking lot.

Best practices

  • Communicate and enforce the college attendance policy to your students.
  • If we are consistent about taking role, that will communicate that we are in fact, watching and keeping track.
  • “Has anyone seen Mike in a while?” Everyone will take note – that you are taking note.
  • Make sure that students have regular assignments to turn in when they come to class. They only get credit for the paper when they come to class. Our students need our help with the importance of attendance.
  • Class: “By the way, if you arrive 10 minutes late or leave early, that counts as an absence.” Everyone will get very quiet.
  • Make sure that your syllabus is not all “BARK.”
  • We have a duty to make class engaging and interesting.
  • When a student misses our class and they contact us, we need to hold them accountable for the missed work. Don’t enable the student by making it easy for them.

A colleagues approach – Lisa Alvarez

  • “I’m concerned about you because I think you are failing my class.”
  • “I’m glad you came to see me today, but I have to tell you, I need to be fare to everyone in the class.”

Ask yourself: Are you making them a better student or are you preparing them to be a better bad student?

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SC 156 Nota Bene Student Attendance